Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 Minute Touch-Up

You have just finished filling up your child's milk cup for what seems like the 25th time today and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. . . Yikes! Your mascara is under your eyes, you look like a ghost and your shirt looks like it has oatmeal or something equally unappealing on the shoulder, welcome to my life. You glance at your watch and notice your husband/partner/boyfriend/babies daddy is due home in 10 minutes. It isn't a lost cause, in 3 minutes you can look and feel better!

Just a thought, this is nothing personal and I am not suggesting that women shouldn't let their natural beauty shine though but whether you get all done up or just put a little make up on to go out with your girlfriends, or out for dinner, you are faced with people that you will either never see again or don't care about the attraction factor. Why not put a little effort in for the person you will be with for the rest of your life, the one you want to be attracted to you still in 30 years from now. It isn't the make up itself, but the effort!

I have divided this to target everyone;  the never wear the stuff females, the make up wearers and the 'before I had kids' make up ladies.

The Never Wear Make Up Female (applies to all categories)
1. Apply lip gloss even if it is just clear Blistex, Chapstick etc. -5 seconds
2. Mist yourself with a perfume, if you are not a perfume wearer spread a scented body lotion on your forearms and neck. - All day with the kids, being outside, cooking, chores can leave you less then fresh. -10-20 sec.
3. If you are wearing clothing that shows your arms, chest or legs spread some body cream or lotion on. - Through out the day our skin looses moister, glowing skin looks great, especially on legs -30 sec.
4. Depending on how you wear your hair give it a comb, toss, or tidy the pony tail. -30 sec.
5. Spritz a spa water like Vichy Thermal Spa Water or Avene Thermal Spring Water on your face to freshen and wake up your skin (and you). -10 sec.
6. Change your shirt. - Remember the days when if you spilled on yourself or were spit up on you ran and showered and changed right away? Now you just wipe it off with a baby wipe and get on with your day!?!?! (Don't pretend you don't!) Wow what happened here! Let's get past this ladies and go back to changing into a shirt free of vomit/snot/food/crayon/paint etc.! - 20 sec.

The Make-Up Wearer
First do all the steps under 'Never Wear Make Up" then proceed with;
1. Dip a cotton swab in eye make up remover and run it under your eyes - This will take off any make up that has settled under your eyes throughout the day, instantly making you look fresher.- 10 sec.
2. Top up your existing mascara with a thin coat of mascara. - 20 sec
3. A swipe of a pinkish/peachy blush.- Instantly makes you look alert and healthy - 10 sec
4. Place a highlighter on top of your cheek bones and under eye brows - This makes you look like you got more than 4 hours of sleep. - 20 sec.
5. Finish with a Mineral Powder.

The "I Wore Make Up Before The Kids" Lady
First do all the steps under 'Never Wear Make Up" then proceed with;
1. Curl your eyelashes and place 1-2 coats of mascara on. - Curling your eyelashes instantly opens the eye area helping you appear more alert. - 45 sec.
2. A swipe of a pinkish/peachy blush.- Instantly makes you look alert and healthy - 10 sec
3. Finish with a Mineral Powder.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick Beauty Tips

If you are like me you probably feel there are never enough hours in the day. Between making meals, spending time with kids/spouse/friends and chores there isn't much time for yourself and personal beauty routines. I have come up with some simple and realistic tips to help you look and feel your best!

Hair Style
Choose a hair style that suits your hair type, texture as well as one that works with the length of time you can put towards it daily. I have super short hair, think Halle Barry, this hair style is super easy but it must be done every day or it looks un-kept and unintentionally messy. I need to wash it and restyle it daily. Since it only takes 10 minutes total it is pretty quick and easy. If you have longer hair consider washing it in the evening pulling it back in a low ponytail by your neck and twisting it in a bun. In the morning let out the bun and you will have a nice wave to your hair, think Gisele Bundchen. This requires no time at all. A ponytail is always a quick way to wear your hair, especially on days when you don't have time to wash it. Wear one with a slight poof in the front for a chic look, this look will also hide any slight greasiness that a tight ponytail highlights. When blow drying your hair straight don't start the actual styling until your hair is 80% dry, this saves a lot of time. Your hair won't be effected by your efforts until that point anyways!

Hair Colour
If you have time to go to the salon regularly then you can pretty do what ever you want, but if time or finances are a concern a little more thought has to go into finding the perfect colour. One of the fastest ways to look frumpy is having 2 inches of roots hanging out. Consider going natural or something closer to your natural colour. If that seems too boring or you are concerned about greys you could get low lights or highlights. These hide roots better then a flat all over colour but generally need to be done in a salon for the best results.

Nail Care
I have time to paint my nails but generally ruin them in the drying phase or chip them within 2 days. If you don't have a lot of time for nail care stick with short nails. By keeping them filed short and all the same length even without polish they look well maintained. When painting them choose a colour that is light, this will hide chips well. If you prefer always having polished nails you could get acrylic nails, which require a fill in the salon every 3-4 weeks depending on how fast your nail grows. If you don't have time for the upkeep don't get these. Broken or gel/acrylic nails that have grown half way up your own nail beds look terrible. Getting a manicure with a product like CDN Shellac gives you 7-14 day chip free manicure. This is done in the salon and takes the same length of time as a normal polish change would. It takes approximately 10 minutes to have removed. Even if you don't remember to put cream on your hands every time you wash them, make sure to put a good cream on at night as well as a cuticle oil like Solar Oil, or even olive oil! File the bottom of your feet every day in the shower to save from a big build up and remember to put moisturizer on like you would for every other part of your body. Feet take a lot of punishment, they carry our body weight all day everyday, wear ill fitting shoes and high heels!

Skin Care
"Take off your face make up every night and drink lots of water" are two tips that I hear time and time again. There is a reason for this. . . they are simple but make a huge difference with how your skin looks. I am bad for leaving my eye make up on. I now leave my eye make up remover in the family room, so while I am watching tv I can quickly take of my make up. For the morning make your face care steps easy, cleanse, moisturize and protect with a sunscreen. For evening a little more time spent on your routine can help out in the a.m.. Cleanse, exfoliate (2-4 times a week), apply a serum (this helps the moisturizer do its thing. Some help strictly with moister, some help with wrinkles, some with dark spots, etc.. Ask your beautician which is best for you) follow this with an eye cream and moisturizer. If you are like me and love lush lashes apply a lash serum like Revitalash to your lash line. And volia a simple skin care routine for great skin!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letter to Spring

Dear Spring,

For about a month now I have been patiently awaiting your return. I have been very kind to your cohort winter, after all we do live in Canada. I didn't complain when winter's shenanigans caused me to be trapped in the house with 2 babies for days. I didn't get upset when your buddy winter suddenly dropped its temperature creating black ice causing my car to slip, hitting a curb and knocking my wheel bearings together. We didn't loose it with your constant teasing, plus 9 degree weather followed by a snow storm 24 hours later. (That was pretty unnecessary by the way.) Your partner in crime winter and you have won, that's right we decree you two the winners!

I have played by all the rules . . . I went out and bought clothes from the spring lines for myself, shorts for the kids and a hot pink t-shirt for my husband. . . I have put away some of my winter coats and pulled out lighter weight coats. . .the snow brush is hanging in its spot in the garage. . . we purchased new rain boots for my son. . . got out our walking stroller. . . and my son got out his sand toys!

Spring we have kept our end of the bargain, now it is your turn. We expect to see you in 2 days, no questions asked.

The Seasonly Challenged

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Michael Kors Watches

So I have a slight obsession with Michael Kors watches. I love them! Great quality, responsible prices and wonderful style what's not to love?!?!

 Michael Kors has a watch for everybody; men and women, funky coloured, classic tortoise shell, ceramic, silicone, metal, leather and of course the wildly popular yellow gold and rose gold watches! I have the below two. Realistically how many watches can a person wear, but I cannot help drooling over the new Shiny Square face gold watch, and the Rose Gold watch with the navy face. I originally wanted the rose gold watch but it did nothing for me with my skin tone, so I opted for the plain yellow gold. I think the navy face would compliment the rose gold and add just enough colour to make it look sharp.

Michael Kors MICHAEL KORS  Midsized Chronograph Watch, GoldenMichael Kors MICHAEL KORS White Midsized Ceramic Watch

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

H&M 20% off Children's Clothes

I was doing some shopping in H&M today for my oldest son. H&M has on trend clothing for great prices. With summer weather fast approaching (hopefully, as I type this it is snowing!) I wanted to get him some shorts while there is still a good selection.

I found quite a few items. I would have liked to look longer but time was of the essence, I had to grab some clothes and head to the check out. Upon arriving there the cashier informed me that the kids catalog has a coupon for an additional 20% off your entire purchase of kid's clothing & accessories. They had a stack of the catalogs right there at the counter so that was a nice bonus. This is what I was able to round up in my short visit.

10 Cute Items

1 Denim & 4 Cargo Style Shorts

2 T-Shirts & 1 Button Down

1 Military Style Jacket and
1 Pair Cargo Pants (not shown here)

I got all this for under $85.oo!!! Can you believe that?!?! I was impressed with that, what a steal. The jacket alone was the only sale item and was originally $29. If you need children's clothes I suggest you check out the 20% off (with coupon) sale on now until the 27th at H&M.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Like These?!?!

Have you ever seen something that you love but you can't explain why? Something that is not your typical style but you absolutely adore? The following are perfect examples of things that I was instantly drawn to.

1.Haute Hippie 2.Balmain 
3.Isabel Marant Isabel Marant 
4.The Row Paige silk-georgette blouse5.Bird by Juicy Couture Cashmere track pants

1. Haute Hippie Longhorn skull-motif jersey sweatshirt $135
2. Balmain Printed cotton tank $575
3. Isabel Marant Semax mid-rise printed skinny jeans $480
4. Kevington silk blazer $1,820
5. Bird by Juicy Couture Cashmere track pants $400

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leggings Are NOT Pants

I have a bone to pick with legging wearers! There are two types of legging wearers. I am not talking to you legging wearers who wear them with a nice tunic, dress so short your bum would show if you bent over or a long shirt . . . please legging away! I too wear leggings, in fact I am wearing them right now with a long shirt/short jacket.

I am talking to those who wear them as pants! If your shirt is up to your waist, is tucked into your "pants" or your mid drift is showing and you are still sporting leggings please don't. You aren't doing anyone a service especially yourself. Unless you are blessed to look like a Victoria's Secret Model (in fact I have never even seen a VS model wearing leggings as pants) then chances are the look is a little too Peg Bundy! Check out Net-A-Porter for chic ways to wear leggings. The only pair they have with a shirt tucked in are $990, yes you read that right, nine hundred and ninety dollars! I am sure for that kind of money you are not getting anything sheer or flimsy.

Look into jeggings! These hug your curves and give the skin tight appeal that men love but with out the sheerness of a legging.  There is nothing worse then when you bend over and your leggings go see-through, or are being pulled so tight they become shiny. They are basically thick nylons, and no one would rock those with a short shirt!

Just sayin'!

I Love My. . .

I love my Revitalash eyelash conditioner. As a woman who's only must have make up is mascara, lashes are obviously very important to me. I am always seeking an amazing mascara but in the end I go back to the same few. They deliver as promised every time. This mascara obsession isn't cheap (I'll get to that another time) so I thought I would try the eyelash conditioner in hopes of thicker, more lush lashes that need less mascara.

Revitalash was created by a doctor for his wife after she had chemotherapy. After seeing amazing results they decided to manufacture it for the public. This clear product goes on like a liquid liner along the lash line every night on a cleansed eye area. After 6 weeks (which is your lashes natural cycle) you should see a difference . . . thicker, darker, longer lashes.

I have been using mine now for 2 months now and am amazed by how long my lashes are! I had a section of lashes on my left eye that never grew back after I awoke one morning to find they had mysteriously disappeared. My lashes are way longer and more lush! Since I love the look of tons of lashes I still wouldn't go without mascara. Some people have given up mascara after using the product, but now I need 2 coats of mascara instead of 3 or 4. I have tried a few different serums for lashes and this is the only one that has worked! If you love lashes give it a try! Money well spent!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

You Know You Are Mom When . . .

You know you are a mom when you are shopping and find something you like but put it back so your son can have something he wants!

Today the boys and I were out getting some groceries at our local supermarket, which happens to sell clothing as well. Now I am not a huge fan of 'grocery clothes' myself but I have purchased the odd t-shirt there.Today I found a regular striped t-shirt to pass the time until I found the perfect one. (I have been trying to find a striped t shirt that is casual but with a twist, simular to the ones below.) On the way to checkout our groceries my son spots a Thomas the Train that he doesn't yet own and of course wants. I am banned from buying him more trains as he has about 25 or so.

He has not been feeling well and has been pretty good about it (code for not being overly whiny). He has been asking for this train for a while so I decided to put back the shirt I wanted to buy him the forbidden merchandise. I figure putting mine back balances out his purchase in the end, and since the money was going to be spent on the shirt anyways the ban should be lifted!

I am writing about it now, not because I resent him for getting what he wanted, but quite the opposite. I didn't mind at all forgoing my purchase for his happiness. It is amazing how life changes from one year to the next!

                   Marc by Marc Jacobs                           Michael Michael Kors                    
Marc by Marc Jacobs MICHAEL Michael Kors 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Break

I have been trying to think of what to do with my son for March Break. With two such young children how do they have a break you ask? Well it starts out becuase my oldest son and I are quite the buddies, and have been since he was born. I absolutely love the bond we have. When he was about a year and a half my husband and I were concerned that he was starting to have separation anxiety, he would have a melt down anytime I left the house without him. In order to deal with this we decided to put him in Montessori school for a few hours a week.

My son goes 2 mornings a week for 2 1/2 hours at a time. This provides him with 5 hours a week of time away from me, to fend for himself and deal with situations and decisions without my input. It is great because although we have play dates there is no 'mommy' referee at school. Quite often as a mother you are so worried about your child sharing you are a little harder on them when breaking up a dispute between them and another child. School provides an unbiased judge for these fights.

Prior to my second son being born this 5 hours a week gave me time to grocery shop, tidy up a bit and sometimes visit my husband at his work. Now it affords me a chance to spend quality time with my baby. This week is March Break even at his little school so I am trying to find things to keep him and me sane as well as make this week seem special. (I find between feeding the two boys, tidying up after them, making dinner, changing diapers etc., I don't have enough time to just play with him.) Of course he got sick this weekend, and his brother needed his 6 month needle, so today was a write-off. But I have planned some fun things for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we are going to a travelling Ray's Reptile Zoo, here in town at the local fair grounds. Thursday we are going to Chapters. I have heard that they are doing a variety of crafts and games for kids. Friday I am still trying to think of something to do, may be the Children's Museum or an indoor play park. We have a few play dates as well, but I am waiting to see how fast his cold clears up. As a child I remember the weather being so warm during March break we could wear shorts. I wish this was the case now, we could go outside and play in the park or go for walks.

Oh to be young again and the thrill of time off from school!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Things My Son Says

With a toddler there is always something new they are coming up with. In an ongoing post this is a few highlights from the past few days. . .

After getting dressed I asked my son "How does mommy look?". I was not really expecting an answer let alone an opinion, but this is what answer I received, "You should wear a black shirt to match, this (pointing to my black cardigan) and these (pointing to my black jeans). That would look good". He smiled and walked off. Fashionista?

"I don't have boobies I have nipples". Where the heck did he come up with that.

"When I get married I want to be messy like Daddy." Good lord, I pity his wife-to-be.

"I probably will get snow in my shoes so I actually should wear boots." Probably? Actually? You are 2 1/2, who uses these words?

"Mom, will you hold me?" When he wants to be hugged.

"If I eat all my lunch I can have this cookie." He says this pointing to a cookie he has helped himself to and knows he isn't supposed to have. He has learned the art of negation.

He sleeps with some of his Thomas and Friends train engines every night. Two nights ago as he was fidgeting around when he was supposed to going to bed, he says "If James doesn't go to sleep I am going to take his buffers away and put them where he can't reach them." Do you think he has heard a similar threat before?


I can't sleep! I have a son who is nursing and sleeping soundly beside me, contently snoring away. (Too cute, I want to smother him in kisses) He usually wakes up around 4 or 5a.m. to nurse, then goes back to sleep until around till 8a.m.. After this my toddler wakes up at 6 a.m. I usually fall asleep around 2!

Let's do a little math shall we. . .
2a.m. sleep until 4, wake up to nurse = 2 hours of sleep
Nurse, fall back asleep around 4:40, wake up with other son at 6 a.m. = 1 hour 20 minutes of sleep
For a grand total of a whole whopping "drum roll please". . . 3 hours and 20 minutes!

Yes my friends, 3-4 hours of sleep is what I get a night! Realistically at no fault of my boys. They are both out by 8 p.m. (although the baby has hardly slept all day today, and usually he sleeps a lot. He fell asleep around 10 tonight.) Why don't I sleep you ask? I can't, I just can't. I am tired but sleep doesn't come! I sit here and I surf the Internet for nothing in particular. I look at beautiful shoes I cannot afford, quite a few that are more than our mortgage payments. I check out Net-A-Porter, I have a serious addiction to this site. I spend hours 'shopping' there a week, love it! I look for recipes, crafts for the kids, exercises etc. Basically anything to occupy time. If anyone knows of some sleep tricks send them my way!

So I am off to try to catch some sleep now! It has just occurred to me that with the time change my son will be most likely waking up at 7 tomorrow as that is 6 the old time. Although my body won't have 'sprung ahead' my mind will think I got to sleep in. Bonus!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


In a previous post I talked about a product called Basic H2 Concentrate by Shaklee and how I was going to give it a try to clean various parts of my house. I am back with a review!

So this product is crazy concentrated! You need to add 1/4 tsp of product for 16oz/4 cups of water in a spray bottle. There is no smell at all, which I kind of like in a product, but that is the whole point of the Shaklee brand. . . organic, no extra stuff, good for the environment, etc.. I sprayed it on my kitchen counter covered in drips of honey (the handy work of my son) and wiped, perfect no streaks, no sticky residue. I cleaned my shower door with it. While there was no obvious soap scum, the glass was slightly foggy. I let it sit for about 3 minutes then went back and wiped it off, voila the fog was gone. I tried it in other areas and have been impressed.

I like that you can spray the surface directly, wipe it off and no extra rinsing required. Diluted differently it can be used for the following (just to name a few); window and glass cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, upholstery cleaner, carpet cleaner, stain remover, and oven cleaner. The Shaklee website says it has 1000 uses. For just under $12 you get 473mL of the Basic H2 Concentrate which makes 180 Liters! All in all a good buy. I would purchase this again!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Love My . . .

I love my Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel by Dr. Dennis Gross. This is a nightly 2 step program that is super simple yet effective. The 2 step kit comes with pre-moistened towelettes that are supposed to help with skin tone, texture, wrinkles and pore size. I have read multiple articles that Olivia Palermo swears by his products and since she has remarkable skin I thought it would be worth a shot.

The application couldn't be easier. You simply take a towelette from container 1 rub it all over your face then wait for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes you take a towelette from container 2 and rub it everywhere you applied the first one, you leave this on! That's it! Just put on your moisturizer as usual and you are good to go!

I have been using this diligently for about 2 weeks. I don't yet see any difference in my eye area as far as the fine lines are concerned, but it is pretty soon to see results in this area. However my tone and texture has improved and my skin looks and feels very smooth. I haven't worn foundation all week! I purchased mine at Sephora but you can order it directly from Dr. Dennis Gross's website as well.


What to do with two kids with tons of energy and 1/2 a foot of snow and double that to come?

For anyone who gets up at a normal time you have to come up with about 10 hours worth of stuff to do. With my toddler who woke up at 5:45 today we have to come up with stuff for about 13 fun filled hours. By noon we can have played with all our toys (and we have tons), made muffins, breakfast, lunch a snack, watched a Thomas the Train Engine, played with the train table and coloured! Only 6 hours to go!

Going outside would be ideal if my baby wasn't sick. At 6 months he is too young to hang out in the great outdoors in these conditions anyways. So I am off to find something to make, bake or do that takes lots of time! Lets hope nap time is looooong one!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


As I mentioned in my post yesterday I clean our house quite frequently. To be honest with you secretly I really enjoy it. I get sick of tidying up all the time but love cleaning. It is seeing the before and after that I enjoy. When I get a new cleaning product I cannot wait to get home and try it out! I know, I know "geek"!

I have been trying to find a good all purpose cleaner that is as good at cleaning as it is for the environment as well as being safe around children. . . all in all a tall order. I have tried several in the past and they always came up short to my expectations. Recently I have been reading reviews about a company called Shaklee. They sell vitamins, skin care and have a home line as well. I decided to give their Basic H2 Concentrate a whirl.

I am off to get cleaning and will post my results! I wanted to take some before and after pictures, unfortunately I don't generally have anything that is that dirty enough to be noticeable in a photo, but I will see what I can dig up.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Love My . . .

I love my Mario Batali Garlic Slicer! Around here we go through quite a bit of fresh garlic, I would say 2-3 garlic heads a week. I put it in our homemade salad dressing, on broccoli, green beans, pretty much anything to be honest with you. This grater is ideal for anyone who likes fresh garlic, but hates the clean up of a traditional press!

This hand held grater is duel sided. Side one has a fine grate and side two is a slicer. I love using sliced garlic to garnish steamed veggies. The handle is covered in a rubber/silicone like material, as is the end. This non-slip end is ideal for grating over a bowl or on an angle over a dish. According the the Mario Batali website "Slicing garlic instead of pressing allows for the full flavor and essence to come through."

Clean up is a breeze as the grater is comprised of three parts; the metal grater, the 'knob' that pushes the garlic down and the piece that slides along the grater or slicer. They all come apart and the garlic rinses right off. No more having to fish the little garlic pieces out of the mesh garlic press! This is defiantly a staple for anyone who cooks regularly! Check out the delicious green beans and garlic I made this evening here!


I have a confession. . . I am an addict! It isn't cigarettes or alcohol that holds this power over me. I am not a devotee to any hard core drugs and I am not hooked on the 'green' stuff  (or even tried either for that matter). I am dominated by something different all together. A chemical!

It is bleach! It is this powerful liquid that has this capability to make me turn into a cleaning machine! I bleach everything! The bathrooms 3+ times a week, a bit in the water when I wash the floor nightly, a capful in the washing machine, socks soaked in it, a little bit in the dishwasher, I even put a few drops in my bottle of dish washing liquid that sits beside my sink!

What is it about bleach you ask? I love how clean it makes everything feel and even the smell. I wish there was a safe way to have a cleaner with that same smell. I would even put it in air fresheners! That way when people come to visit they would realize that under the piles of toys everywhere was an extremely clean floor, that I spend hours maintaining. You really know something is up to par when you walk in and you smell that bleach smell. Yes I am insane! My husband knew I was the one for him from the clean aspect due to my bleaching! While dating he noticed that in my town home the area of paint on the wall right above the baseboards was faded compared to the rest of the wall. Upon questioning me I sheepishly replied that I bleach my baseboards and some had gotten on the wall. He thought I was nuts, but a clean nuts!

With all this said I am trying to slow down on using it. According to Dr. Oz something in it makes you age faster, the last thing a lady needs! Wish me luck!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Shoes!

So I went to the local department store today to get my Black Pearl nail polish and on my way to the Chanel counter I passed the shoe department. As I do have quite a few pairs of shoes, and my husband has told me to rein in the shoe purchasing I tried to avoid making eye contact with the shoes, so they couldn't call to me. You know the voice "it's me the heels that you have been looking all over for, you know the ones you saw in Vogue and liked". As I was strolling by out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign '50% off lowest ticked price'!!! Dum, dum, dum . . . I was loured in!

In a trance I quickly went to the size 7 section to check out what was there. I tried to grab up all the ones that I was interested in before anyone else noticed these ridiculously priced shoes. Like honestly how are these people walking by with Ralph Lauren shoes going for $32? Nine West for $30? Anne Kline for $28? Clearly I was the only one with a shoe fetish in this store!

Now I have a process for shoe shopping. . . after checking out the size 7s (my actual size) I scan the 6 1/2s and the 7 1/2, may be even the 8s occasionally. Hey you never know! Some fit big and there are always insoles for those too big shoes! So anyways I didn't have much luck with the 'bonus' sizes except for one pair of Nine West shoes. Below are the two I purchased, both still selling online at full price!

The first are dark Charcoal and Patent Black. Usually they retail for $130CDN and I got them for $29.99! They will be perfect with the new pair of tweed paints I got with the low waisted pleats. Similar to these ones.

Nine West Almund 2, Platform Heel

The second pair I purchased are Cheetah print pony haired ballet flats. Regularly $89CDN I got them for $34.99. These are perfect for taking the kids to the park or grocery shopping.

Lauren Ralph Lauren, Evelia Flats
And yes I did get my nail polish as well!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things My Son Says

My son who is 2 1/2 always has something funny to say, but in the past few days he has had some hilarious ones . . .

"This train table is a catastrophe" (upon seeing his train tracks all knocked over, courtesy of himself)

"This looks perfect" (holding up paint swatches against the wall)

"Oh mom this oatmeal is delightful" (enough said)

"This kid brought me something" (pointing over his shoulder at a friend of mine, also my age, that brought him a present)

"Dad I really want a Range Rover" (he may have had a little help with that one)

The fun never ends!

Two Things I 'Need' Right Now

I have been hearing rave reviews about the Spring 2011 Chanel Nail Colours, Black Pearl in particular. It has the perfect amount of sheen without being sparkly, I really cannot get into that sparkly trend that is happening right now. It is dark without looking Goth and it is opaque. I have not bought it yet as I have quite the collection of polishes but I have decided to get it tomorrow!  Love it!
Chanel Black Pearl Le Vernis

Update: Bought this nail colour and love it!

I love all things Kieh's! Besides La Mer it is the only face cream I use. This past week I was sent a sample of their new Rosa Artica. It is moisturizing without being greasy, it makes my skin feel lifted without feeling tight and it goes on nice and smooth.  Love it!
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Saturday Night!

As I sit here on a Saturday night going between nursing and surfing the web for nothing in particular I wonder what I did with my time prior to having kids. After the wild 'messy' Saturday nights passed and I settled down I really don't recall what my (or 'our' once my husband and I married) Saturday nights consisted of! Half the time one of us falls asleep, leaving the other to sit and watch a movie. Usually it is the person who "really wants to see this movie" who falls asleep, leaving the "fine you pick" person watching a movie they were not keen on in the beginning.

That is actually how it works with kids movies as well! Last week my son ditched my husband and I after 10 minutes of Marmaduke but we continued to watch it until the end, yes we are geeks. Later I overheard my husband telling one of his single friends to watch it. I was thinking in my head you just recommended a child's talking dog movie to a guy who still chases girls wearing tops as dresses. I am sure he was going to rush out and get Marmaduke as soon as their call ended.

Well I guess it is time for me to check out! Let me know what you did Saturday night!