Saturday, April 30, 2011

GAP - Buy One Get One 50% Off

For a limited GAP has a sale on Kids' clothes. Buy one sale priced item get the second 50% off. . . yes on already reduced sale items! This is a great time to pick up pants and shirts for next year. Since the waistbands are adjustable on their pants even buying just one size bigger will ensure maximum usage before your little one grows out of them.

The adult side also has jeans, shorts and some other full priced items marked as buy one get one 50% off. This is in GAP Canada stores, if you are in the USA you would have to check at your local GAP if the deal is there as well.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bumble & Bumble's Let It Shine Trio Update

Fayez Beauty Spa now has Bumble &Bumble's Let It Shine Trio in stock. They have various sizes of product sold separately, as well as a great trio pack that would be perfect for going on a trip, as it could be taken in a carry on!

I recommend giving this product a try!

Dangerous Chemicals in Baby Products

If you are like me I am always concerned what is going into my children not only through their food but also through their skin. I am just starting to be more conscious about what I am putting on my own skin, but for my boys I have always been more careful. Chemicals on their young bodies while they are developing physically and mentally can be dangerous, even cancer causing. There is much hype of sunscreen but even some body washes are just as bad. Consider that there is no safety testing on most cosmetics in fact "Nearly 90 percent of the 10,500 ingredients FDA has determined are used in personal care products have not been evaluated for safety by the CIR, the FDA, or any other publicly accountable institution."

I frequently check on a website called EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. They have a list of thousands of products that are both safe and unsafe. Everything is rated on a scale of 1 through 10. One being the safest and 10 being the worst. You can search by product type or company name. Below I have posted some of the surprising products I found on the site. (I posted the graph but the actual website also shows what is dangerous about it, reproductive endangering chemicals, neotoxitiy, etc.)

Aveeno Continuous Protection Active Sunblock SPF 70 - Rating 10
Health concerns of ingredients
About the ratings
Overall Hazardyes
Developmental & reproductive toxicityyes
Allergies & immunotoxicityyes
Use restrictionsyes

Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous Spray SPF 85 - Rating 9
Health concerns of ingredients
About the ratings
Overall Hazardyes
Developmental & reproductive toxicityyes
Allergies & immunotoxicityyes
Use restrictionsyes
Huggies Liquid Baby Powder Fresh Scent Body Wash - Rating 8
Health concerns of ingredients
About the ratings
Overall Hazardyes
Developmental & reproductive toxicityyes
Allergies & immunotoxicityyes
Use restrictionsyes

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shaklee Cleaner

Last month I tried out the Shaklee All Purpose cleaner. Although happy with the results I had wished there was a scent to it. Happy to report back I added a few drops of essential oil and it did not effect the cleaning outcome but did provide a great scent while cleaning.

I used Eucalyptus because that is what I had on hand. I put it in my sons humidifier when he has a cold instead of the chemical filled Vic's one. It provides a clean, fresh scent!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Becoming A Mom

When you become a mom you are excited but also filled with fears about the crazy thing you hear will happen to your body. Here is a quick run down of things to expect, prevent and deal with from a normal, non-celebrity mom.

You will gain weight. How much is determined by your eating habits, your genes and your pre baby weight. Some women pig out and hardly gain anything, others eat salads and gain 60 pounds. Everything you eat goes directly to your baby and you can always loose the weight after so eat healthy and eat lots! Post baby try to work out and breastfeed if you can (it burns 500 calories a day).

You may break out. No big deal your hormones will adjust and your skin will start to glow. Drink lots of water. Some acne medicines aren't safe for pregnant women so check out any warnings on the bottle prior to use.

Pregnancy Mask! This is not a cool treatment you get at a spa! This is dark spots that appear on your face. From small patches to your whole face, this darkening can be somewhat prevented with generous applications of sunscreen before going out in the sun. I got dark spots on my cheekbones and by forehead. The ones one my cheeks are totally gone and the one on my forehead isn't noticeable now. I used BioCella Malarrest A Skin Lightener. Sounds dramatic but it is a gel like cream you put on after you wash your face before you moisturize. No burning or redness, just results. 

Your big As or small Bs will become Ds! Don't go throwing your old bras out yet. . . it won't last. Once you have the baby (or are done breastfeeding) they will go back to your Bs. Since they are shrinking and growing put cream on your chest and breasts, they are going through alot. I like Mama Mio Boob Lube.

Stretch marks are the gift that keeps on giving! They will get lighter in time but once you have them they are for good. I was fortunate not to get any with either pregnancy but I swore by my Kiehl's Argan oil and my Mama Mio Stretch Mark Rub Oil and Cream. I used the Kiehl's from beginning to end of my pregnancy on my stomach 2x a day! I highly recommend this, top it off with a lotion for extra moisturizing and staying power!

Enjoy this time and trust me anything that your body goes through is so worth it the second you hold your new baby!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Party Season

With spring comes engagements, showers, weddings, house warmings. . . you name it once April hits they are all on full swing until the fall. If you have a friend experiencing any of the above, they are on top of the world and are probably ready to party. If you are looking do something a little different for them here are some ideas that are a little out of the box but fun. . .because really how can you let loose at a shower with Aunt Ethel staring at you over the new gravy boat?? These ideas would be great for co-ed parties not just female only gatherings.

Stock-the-bar Party - Starting a bar at home can be quite pricey when you have absolutely nothing to begin with. Have all guests bring one bottle of alochol. No need to put into a gift bag, supply labels at the 'gift bottle table'. To make it more interesting tell guests that they cannot bring vodka, rum or rye. (People tend to buy these since they are safe, for a full rounded bar you need a bit of everything)

Pantry-Party - (okay this one may be a tad girly) Alot of people aren't big on cooking these days or even know where to begin. Let's face it lots of recipes look good but when you actually make them they turn out to be a mushy/soupy/lumpy/salty etc. basically a waste of time. Have guests bring a recipe that they love, as well as one inpersishable ingredient. You could even suggest including a tool to make/serve the recipe as well. Like a cookie scoop for cookies, rectangular platter for steamed asparagus, garlic press for garlic green beans, etc. Ask guests to print the recipe them on a specific size of paper or even better include a recipe card in the invite (paper if sent by mail or a link to a card if sending an e-vite), this will save the guest of honour from having to reprint the recipes to a uniform size.

Garden Party - No one realizes all the tools that are needed to have around the garage for even regular maintenance, let alone the expense involved. Think snow shovel, digging shovel, hand held weed remover, patio fire urn, solar powered garden lights, entrance way pots, fertilizer spreader, etc. May be not the most exciting party but defiantly things people need.

Tool Box Party - Everyone brings a tool and a list of its uses. Most people moving out of their parents home or out of an apartment don't have their own tools. When you have a leaky toilet, have to hang a picture or need to touch up the paint on the banister you realize you need a tool box. Going to a hardware store can be a little overwhelming, this way the person is getting things a that are useful.

Honeymoon Party - All the fixins for a great honeymoon. Sunscreen, travel sized bath & hair products, beach bag, gift card for getting photos processed, (maybe even a few people going together to get a new camera for the couple), some adult games, lingerie, cute hats, travel games, etc.

Paint Party - If the person that you are having the party for is moving or has decided that with the new union they want to change their house decor, you and a bunch of friends could surprise them by showing up with paint tools and helping them to paint their house. Even bring the tools to hang pictures when the painting is done. Throw in some yummy apps and some cocktails and you'll have a party!

No punch bowls at these parties!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Calvin Klein Dress 50% Off

With wedding season fast approaching it seems everyone is looking for the perfect dress. One that can do double duty. . . perfect for a wedding or event and then wearable again regularly say to work or out for dinner. Calvin Klein dresses fit this bill. They are chic and ladylike without being stuffy and many options are perfect for the office and with the right shoes and accessories would look great for a wedding as well!

This weekend only, The Bay has all Calvin Klein dresses for 50% off. Check it out if you are in need of a dress for spring!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Quite often when my son is upset over something that has broken to cheer him up after I fix it I say "Ta-Da". My son has picked up on this and started doing it. Picture a 2 year old yelling "Ta-Da as he stretches his arms out over what ever he is 'Ta-Da'-ing like Vana White.  Sometimes it is a good 'Ta-Da'. . . sometimes not so good!

"Mom, mom come here!" I enter the kitchen, see half a conatainer of milk on the floor. "Ta-Da" he screams . . . not a good 'Ta-Da'.

My son cleans up his crayons that are scattered everywhere. "Ta-Da". . . good 'Ta-Da'.

He stands on the edge of the tub and pees into the bath I have just drawn for his brother "Ta-Da" . . . not so good.

He stands on his dirty diaper on the 'filling' squirts out, he yells "Ta-Da". . . easy Vana White that wasn't a good 'Ta-Da'.

He brings me my cell phone when it is ringing "Ta-Da". . . sweet 'Ta-Da'.

He whips off his pants and diaper and runs around the house naked right before we are heading out the door "Ta-Da" he yells as he streaks me. . .funny 'Ta-Da'.

More often then not it isn't a good "Ta-Da' but let me tell you it is so funny I think he now uses it to get a laugh instead of getting into trouble. I am sure he thinks 'I am going to get into trouble so I will make her laugh'. He proceeds to make me laugh then he thinks 'Ta-Da I just got my self out of trouble'. Well played my love!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Crafts for Toddlers

I always envisioned my child and I sitting around and doing crafts. You know macaroni necklaces, glue and sparkles, cutting out snowflakes, making things with beads. . . turns out most of the crafts that I envisioned are slightly, well, feminine for a toddler boy. I guess I am not the only one who conjures up images of crafts for girls because anyone who has gone shopping for crafts knows there is a very limited selection for boys! For girls there is jewelery making kits, 'stained glass' kits, shoe decorating, bead projects, hair accessory tools, all for older as well as younger girls. When you do find boy's crafts they are usually for older boys, like model planes.

Quite often I go to the Dollar Store to pick up something to do with my son. He usually looses interest quickly or they are too old for him. Today I went to Michaels craft store in hopes to find chocolate brown muffin wrappers (with no luck) but did stumble across some cute things to do with my son and at great prices to boot! I find crafts are such a great way for my son to work on patience and his fine motor skills!

Together we picked a pre-assembled plain and bird house, both that he can paint. The price couldn't be beat. . . $1.50 each! They had several more things that I will go back and pick up when he is not with me, to surprise him.  Just some of the things I saw were; a napkin ring project, paintable picture frame, decoratable summer hat & t-shirt, a door hanger and a goodie cone. All of these could be used for both genders.

After dinner he painted the bird house. He loved it! He sat still for 35 minutes and painted! He has never sat still for that long, even in his sleep! He did a really good job and since the sides of the bird house are flat without a lot of detail they were easy to paint and he was confident about what he was doing! It is amazing to see the look on your child's face when they know they are doing a great job at something, they light up!

The Michaels' website also has lots of craft ideas sorted by children's age and length of time to be aloted for the project. Happy crafting!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Labels For Everything

My son likes to carry all his possessions around with him. Wherever he goes (including to bed) he has a train in each hand. Luckily he has never lost any of these 'important' processions since he never lets them out of his sight.  He has lost plenty of other things, books, toy phone, digger, bucket etc..

Labeling is one of the things that I am never sure how far to go with. On one hand I don't want him to loose something and not be able to distinguish it is his, but on the other I don't want to make too much info available to strangers or would-be-perverts.

For around $30.00 at Walmart I was able to pick up a DYMO label maker. It works great. I can now label the bottom of my son's toys, inside shoes, bags and plenty more. (I have chosen to put his first initial and last name, seems safe enough.) I also make labels for file folders, my recipe book, receipt holder, the outside of boxes and plenty more. I am constantly finding uses for it. For $30 I think it is a great way to stay neat and organized.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Not In Stores! Bumble & Bumble's Let It Shine Trio

When it comes to hair products there is a never ending array of selection. Where does one begin? I am a big fan of Bumble & Bumble. They have a great variety of shampoos, conditioners and products to choose from, but not so many that it makes it confusing. The products smell amazing and work even better.

I recently was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try the shampoo and conditioner from Bumble & Bumble's new trio, Let It Shine. It won't be out in stores for about another month but I thought I would give you all the heads up and a product review!

The Let it Shine shampoo produces a nice thick leather, crucial in my book. It smells great and a little goes a long way. These products are supposed to "enhance shine by eliminating dulling residues, smoothing texture and sorting strands". It gave my hair that squeaky clean feeling. I have very fine hair but the conditioner defiantly didn't make my hair feel greasy or limp at all.  Since I am nursing I have chosen not to colour my hair. I think my natural colour is somewhat boring, picture light brown, think Jennifer Anistion without the beautiful highlights. Since using this duo I have been getting lots of compliments on the colour, some people even wondering what colour it is to dye their own a similar colour!

If you enjoy squeaky clean and shiny hair and who doesn't, I would defiantly recommend buying this shampoo & conditioner when it becomes available. If you are looking for a great selection of Bumble & Bumble products, as well as a staff that is knowledgeable and trained about all the Bumble products I recommend trying here.

* Update - Fayez Beauty Spa now how the Let it Shine trio in stock. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Be The Bully or The Bullied?

Today at Chapters I sat and watched my son interact with another boy slightly older than him. My son had brought one of his own toys in and was playing with it and this boy took it out of my son's hands. The boy's mother didn't say anything. There is always one of these mothers there every time I go. Her child does whatever it wants, to the point where the poor person who works there has to confront the child and ask them to stop ___________ (this blank is filled with whatever outlandish thing the child is doing that anyone with a thought would know they shouldn't be allowing their child to do and stop their child from continuing, without some poor person half their age on minimum wage having to point out).

My son looked at the boy and then back at me. He simply said "hey" in a quiet voice to the boy. Now we have always taught our son to share but at what point are you teaching him to roll over and take it. Generally I have taught my son to let the other child have a turn, then he could have it back. This is however when another child expresses interest in the toy he has. As I watched the expression on his face as his toy was ripped from his hand I thought of myself and the oh-too common feeling of just standing there when someone has wronged you. Instead of expressing anger I express hurt or nothing at all and hope the other party feels bad, they never do.

I don't want my son to be rude, but at the same time I do not want him to feel helpless. I do not want him come home from somewhere running over the things he should or could have said when he was wronged. I do not want him to repeatedly have his feelings hurt because a 'friend' said something rude and he said nothing to defend himself. I don't want him to feel bombarded by a stronger personality. I don't want him picking fights but I also don't want him settling to avoid them. All these are thing I feel and do too often. His father expresses his opinions and confronts someone who has wronged him, they exchange their thoughts and words, then they both get over. This is a trait I admire in him.

I hope both of my children have my calmness but their father's 'freedom of speech'. So what did my son tell the boy in the store today? I told him to ask the boy "May I please have it back", which my son did. This didn't work on the other boy but at least he tried and voiced his words.

I never want my son to be a bully, but I don't want him to be bullied either. This brings us to the question is it better to be the bully or the bullied?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring is Here! Are Your Rain Boots Ready?

It seems like this year spring and winter are competing more than usual. Once day it is warm and the next it snowing! This means an even wetter spring than usual. My son can't wait to splash in every puddle that he can find. As long as he is wearing his boots I always give him the go ahead, but that quite often results with me being splashed as well. Well with this season's chic line up of rain boots whether it is to the office, shopping or to the park you can look sleek and cute while still being practical.

If you are like me and hate ruining leather shoes in the rain or getting wet feet, then rain boots are super handy. There is a pair for everyone and their budget, rain boots range from $19.99 to $200+. Depending on how much you plan on wearing them really determines your budget for them. I have found some really cute ones from both ends of the price spectrum and everywhere in between. One tip that I would recommend is don't wear your rain boots if it is not raining or not supposed to. They can look a tad schlepy on a bright sunny day, with the exception of the park (there always seems to be huge puddles at the bottom of the slides that take until June to dry), or if you are doing something that is pretty dirty like gardening or something of the sort.

Coach Rain Boots $108.00


Hunter Rain Boot $125

Pink Cookie Zahara Rain Boot $19.98

Get Splashing!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jessica Simpson Jean Review

I recently purchased a pair of Jessica Simpson jeans. I am not really big on celebrity brands and don't go out of my way to purchase them. I was walking through The Bay the other week and saw some cute jeans on a rack under a 50% off sign. Worth a peek!

The jeans were Jessica Simpson jeans and were already marked down. I bought a pair for $38.99 with 50% off so $19! These jeans were originally $68.99. I took them home not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. First of all they fit true to size, always handy when you don't want to try jeans on with your two babies trailing behind you. They fit slightly higher in the back than the front which is great. . . no more plumber crack or muffin top. What more could a woman want? Well this. . .

I threw these jeans on with a cardigan and striped shirt and off I went to do my daily errands. At the 'school' drop off I got "you look so stylish", "you look great" and "wow you are smaller then the before the baby". Then I stopped off to visit my husband and I got "have you lost more weight", "I hope I look like you after two kids" and a "you are getting too thin"! Music to a woman's ears, especially 6 months out from having a baby! The best part was no one was like "I like your jeans they look good", they just thought I looked good in general. That is always nice to hear at 9 a.m. after getting 4 hours sleep, being thrown up on, changing 3 dirty diapers, cleaning up 1 glass of milk (off the carpet), feeding 2 kids, packing 1 lunch, bathing 2 kids and myself and getting to 'school' on time all in 3 hours!

I would recommend giving the Jessica Simpson jean line a try.

I have several pair of jeans from Jessica's line now and after almost a year of washing them they still fit great and have retained their shape and colour well. I really like the coloured jeans and have some crazy 'upholstry' patterned ones that I can't get enough of!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Lips

With spring finally starting to peek out it will be nice to wear some bright colours and light layers. Along with spring fashions comes spring make up advise from magazines, fashion sites and adverts. Although everyone wants to be in the moment, sometimes fushia or orange lips just aren't practical or flattering.

Below I have posted some of my favorite lips balms, that you too may already have, as well as some that would be great for spring and compliment pretty much everyone's complexion.
Smith's Rosebud Salve $7
(perfect for dry spots on your body as well)

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 $7
(once you have tried this you'll be hooked, this classic now comes in 6 different scents for $9)

Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine $22
(Play-Full Plump and Cherry Bomb are amazing flattering colours)

MAC Lustreglass $14.50
(Love Nector is the perfect combination of sheer and shiny with a hint of colour)