Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring is Here! Are Your Rain Boots Ready?

It seems like this year spring and winter are competing more than usual. Once day it is warm and the next it snowing! This means an even wetter spring than usual. My son can't wait to splash in every puddle that he can find. As long as he is wearing his boots I always give him the go ahead, but that quite often results with me being splashed as well. Well with this season's chic line up of rain boots whether it is to the office, shopping or to the park you can look sleek and cute while still being practical.

If you are like me and hate ruining leather shoes in the rain or getting wet feet, then rain boots are super handy. There is a pair for everyone and their budget, rain boots range from $19.99 to $200+. Depending on how much you plan on wearing them really determines your budget for them. I have found some really cute ones from both ends of the price spectrum and everywhere in between. One tip that I would recommend is don't wear your rain boots if it is not raining or not supposed to. They can look a tad schlepy on a bright sunny day, with the exception of the park (there always seems to be huge puddles at the bottom of the slides that take until June to dry), or if you are doing something that is pretty dirty like gardening or something of the sort.

Coach Rain Boots $108.00


Hunter Rain Boot $125

Pink Cookie Zahara Rain Boot $19.98

Get Splashing!

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