Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crease Free Eye Shadow Is Possible

For whatever reason after trying to achieve the perfect eye make-up application in the morning by noon my hard work has vanished or is all creased. My eye shadow slides into the contour of my eye lid and my eye liner forms another line on my brow bone. Yes real attractive and this is without contending with these scorching temperatures! I have tried a multitude of 'eye primers' and have had mixed reviews. Without going through the list I will tell you the winner, which I think is an absolute must for any make up wearer, as well as the runner up.

And the drum roll please . . . Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion! This stuff is amazing! It truly holds your eye shadow in place through whatever your day or wild night on the town puts you through. In fact I came out of labour with my eye make up still looking fresh and that was 16 hours after application. . . did I mention the labour part! It now comes in the original which goes on colourless and 3 other shades. Defiantly a must purchase!

The runner up is Ombre Eclat Eye Primer by Guerlain. They have changed the packaging since I purchased mine but I believe the product is the same. It goes on smooth and easy and also kept my make up in place. I choose it to be runner up because I didn't feel it had quite the staying power as the Urban Decay (24+ hours), however it would defiantly last 12 hours or more.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

40% off at the GAP

GAP currently has 40% off already marked down merchandise. This is an in store promotion. I just checked on line, alternatively they are offering an additional 25% off. So if you can get into a store that is defiantly the way to go.

I picked up an all leather belt for $6.95 with another 40% off that! They also had quite a few cute tshirts in various colours with some embellished detail at the neck for $9.99, with the discount they are only $6. Perfect for taking the kids to the park or a 'date' night when combined with heals and a cute skirt.

Since everything is already marked down the selection and sizes are not all there, so it is the perfect time to get look for some extra pieces to compliment your wardrobe. Great for kids shirts too, they seem to go 3 a day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Colour Blocking

Spring 2009 - Colour blocking by Designer Richard Nicoll.

I am sure by now you have seen magazine cover after cover of brightly hued outfits or seen articles mentioning the "trend to watch". . . colour blocking! On the runway the models are wearing full on head to toe colour in various hues and shades. (See above and below.) A nice change from the monochromatic and nude colours of the past few seasons, this one isn't for the faint of heart. While I personally love the colour combination the models are wearing below, you may want something a little more subdued for a day at the park with the kids. It can be quite wearable in real life with some simple tweaks.

If you just want to dip your toes into the trend try a bright shoe, bag or belt (may be all three) with a neutral outfit, jeans and a plain top or a little black dress. Check out the below pictures of ideas how you can wear the current trends in everyday life!
Bright Top and Contrasting Bag

Bright Pants With A White Top

Bold Pants and Shoes

J Brand 
Hot Pants With a Denim Top (another big trend)
Neutral Colours With A Bold Belt
Elizabeth and James 
Bright Pants with Neutrals and Similar Tones

Monday, May 23, 2011

Aden and Anais Baby Blankets

If you have had a baby or are expecting one you soon realize how many receiving style blankets you accumulate. We probably have close to 25 around here. Now receiving blankets do have their place, they are warm, perfectly sized for a newborn and can take a lot of washings, but I prefer Muslin cloth blankets. Aden and Anais brand to be specific. Consider getting a few of these for yourself or for a great shower/baby gift.

I absolutely adore these blankets! They are lightweight and breathable. In fact if they were to be over your child's face they would still be able to breath, which is comforting. This makes them perfect for nursing. I found when I covered my son with the traditional receiving blankets to nurse he would get really hot, almost sweaty under the blanket, that doesn't happen with these. In the summer since they are light weight they can be still be used to block the wind without over heating baby. They are also large in size. I can use mine to tie my son to me. Although it isn't sturdy like a Baby Bjorn or a actual swaddler is, if I just want to take some of his weight off my arms by placing him against my stomach and tying it around my shoulders and back I give my biceps a break. I can't totally let him go but my body is carrying most of the weight and my arms are there for security. The patterns are super cute. I frequently get asked if the blanket(s) are a scarf because they are so much more stylish the traditional blankets.

I purchased mine at Cheeky Monkey. I purchased the Paparazzi-Black & White ones! I totally love them. They are a must have for any moms and moms to be out there!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nail Polish for Toes

With warm weather finally starting to arrive (well some days at least) it is time to start getting out the open toed shoes and sandels. This means you can finally start showing off all the fun colours of nail polish you have been rocking all winter. This also means that you can try out some of the lighter, fresher colours that have come out recently. Here are 4 of my favorite spring colours!

CHANEL - Orange Fizz

OPI - Planks A Lot
OPI - Y'all Come Back You Hear         
CHANEL -  Lotus Rouge

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Today is about the 14th day it has rained in the last month, at least our grass is really green! The days it is sunny and warm the kids and I are out the door in the morning, heading straight to the park. We come home for lunch a nap and then go back out. The spring is amazing for the weather not being so hot that it is hard to enjoy being outside, you can actually stay outside for hours.

After being inside all winter the indoor activities are getting a little sparse. Here are a few ideas for some new ones;

* Painting vases for all the spring flowers (that this rain is going to make grow)
* Making vases out of plastic pop bottles
* Painting bird houses for the return of the birds
* Making cookies in spring inspired shapes
* Fashion show with summer clothes (this is really just trying on last year's clothes to see what fits, but they will never know)
* If it is a warm rain consider going out in it! How much fun was it when you were little running through puddles as the rain came down!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bottom Lash Mascara

I am a mascara junkie! Besides a good moisturizer it is my only must have.  To be honest if I had to choose one of the two as the only product I could use, I am not sure which one would win! To coat my lower lashes I usually use what ever mascara is remaining on the wand after I have done my top lashes. When I heard about Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara I was intrigued. So I gave it a try.

The packaging was really cute, a tiny tube with a delicate print on it. The actual wand itself is about 1/3 of the lentgh and width of a regular mascara wand. I found the actual mascara formula went on a little gobby, which can happen with any mascara when it is first used. With continued use it did get better but still was 'wetter' then I prefer. I did like how the little wand was able to reach all those pesky hard to reach lashes in the corner of my lash line. The colour was rich and it did stay put all day. No raccoon eyes here!

Did I like it? It was okay. Would I buy it again? Probably not. But I will continue to use the wand itself with my regular mascara for my bottom lashes.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Folic Acid

So in honor of Mother's Day coming up I thought I would go all motherly and talk about Folic Acid and the importance of this vitamin, especially if you are considering becoming a mommy yourself! You would be hard pressed to find a doctor who wouldn't sing the praises of Folic Acid in preventing birth defects in babies.

I am sure you have heard doctor's recommendations to start taking Folic Acid 1 year before you start trying, minimum. Although they prefer 'all women of the child bearing age' to be taking it. This is code for 'if you are having sex, you could get pregnant so take Folic Acid'.  I am not a doctor but I do read a lot about health care, nature and supplements. So here is the advice I will share with you. . .

* If you are having sex, take a multi vitamin with Folic Acid. You need 400mcg prior to being pregnant, during pregnancy 600-800mcg. If you have a family history of neural-tube defects 4,000mcg of Folic Acid a day.
* Most multi vitamins have enough for the minimal dosage, read the labels carefully to ensure this is true.
* It is water soluble so taking too much isn't then end of the world. Although some women are prone to a B-12 deficiency if they take to much.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Deal Alert! Limited Time Only!

Check out Pink Deals.Ca for an amazing deal on Flat Irons. Only 58 hours left! Get one before they are gone, they'll go fast. . . get' em while they are hot . . . pun intended!

Mother's Day & The Quest for The Ultimate Gift

Every year we rack our brains trying to think of the perfect gift for my mother-in-law. Every year there is a huge list of rejected ideas and shoes of some sort end up being the gift chosen. I have compiled a list of some ideas that may not have worked for us but my work great for your mother or wife (on behalf of the kids of course). Some may seem a little odd or boring, but I have included a few practical gifts for the mom who has it all or wants something very useful.

Manicure and/or Pedicure - If you are trying to stick to a budget consider only getting one of these for her and getting one for yourself so you can go together! As much as she would love all the pampering I am sure she would love an hour and a half with you to herself more! You could always do both of them together too!

Flat Iron - This is great for any mom who is just getting into straightening her hair, or only does it when she is at the salon. Check out this one! Great deal for a great product, limited time offer!

Audio Books -  I think this one is great. If your mom is someone who is in the car a lot or is always running around the house, she could listen to book while doing so! Audible Books has plans starting at $7.49 for the first 3 months then $14.95 the months after, you can cancel at anytime, or you can just purchase some credits for books.

Year worth of car detailing - Glamorous no, practical yes! What person enjoys vacuuming out the car? Pretty much no one is a safe bet. Consider getting a monthly pass or even bi-monthly. Call around for the best price as they vary greatly. One near my house does a basic detail for $23, while another charges $49.

Perfect her favorite meal - It is easy to make someone a dish that you like or that you are good at, but making someone else's favorite dish just-so is a challenge, but one that is sure to be appreciated!

Spring clean - If you don't have a big budget cleaning out the garage, basement or closet then dropping the use able stuff at a donation site for charity is a great idea.

Yard work - If your mom is the grass cutter/weed puller or raker in the household, consider making gift cards for her work a lawn cut ever week for 3 months. Just make sure to follow through on this one!

Photobook - Compile a bunch of your/her favorite photos and have a book professionally done up. I had one done at Costco for my husband, and it turned out great!

Portrait session - If it has been years or never sine your last family photo getting everyone together to have an up-to-date photo taken may be the perfect gift. Moms love that kind of stuff. Or may be a session with just her and the grand kids?!?! You know she will be showing them off to all her friends.

More than anything money can buy your mother/wife/babies' mama she would rather just spend the time with you!