Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crease Free Eye Shadow Is Possible

For whatever reason after trying to achieve the perfect eye make-up application in the morning by noon my hard work has vanished or is all creased. My eye shadow slides into the contour of my eye lid and my eye liner forms another line on my brow bone. Yes real attractive and this is without contending with these scorching temperatures! I have tried a multitude of 'eye primers' and have had mixed reviews. Without going through the list I will tell you the winner, which I think is an absolute must for any make up wearer, as well as the runner up.

And the drum roll please . . . Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion! This stuff is amazing! It truly holds your eye shadow in place through whatever your day or wild night on the town puts you through. In fact I came out of labour with my eye make up still looking fresh and that was 16 hours after application. . . did I mention the labour part! It now comes in the original which goes on colourless and 3 other shades. Defiantly a must purchase!

The runner up is Ombre Eclat Eye Primer by Guerlain. They have changed the packaging since I purchased mine but I believe the product is the same. It goes on smooth and easy and also kept my make up in place. I choose it to be runner up because I didn't feel it had quite the staying power as the Urban Decay (24+ hours), however it would defiantly last 12 hours or more.

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