Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two Toned Pants

Two Toned Pants
The floral pant trend is still in full swing for summer 2013 but here is another trend emerging and it is coming on full speed...the two toned pant!

We have been seeing these pants for a few years now but mostly in magazines and on a few celebrities but now they are appearing in more stores, soon to be everywhere. These pants can do wonders or terrible things for your body depending on where the different colours are located. Slim legs but have saddle bags? Go with a white jean with dark side paneling. Slim waist but thicker legs? The ones pictured above on the far left would dry attention up towards your waist and the dark colour on the bottom would be slimming. You get the idea!

Whether you choose a bold two tone or subtle have fun with this trend!

Rag bone

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Legs for Days

This look may seem a little daring with the striped pants but believe it or not these pants are super flattering for quite a few different body types. The stripes draws the eyes up, making legs appear longer. If having such a bold stripe scares you a finer strip would work as well. It may not cause such a dramatic effect but it would be a little more formal and subtle.  The sneakers make this look a little more casual while the hidden heal inside help the legs look even leaner and longer. The dress sandal option is just plain sexy and takes this outfit from day to night day to night!