Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update! Aritzia's Sale Online

If you ever feel gypped when companies offer in store sales that aren't available online Aritzia won't leave you feeling cheated with their online sale.

The sale that is running in the store is also online. One thing I suggest is if you have a store close to you make sure the item you are buying isn't cheaper in store, this happens all the time with online sales. Quite often an item is selling okay for the company in general but not so hot in a certain city, intern the company places the item on sale at an even lower price point in the city where it isn't selling well. The call this an 'in store sale'. I have noticed this happens a lot at The Gap and Lululemon. (Last week I bought a coat at Lulu for $30 less then it was listed for online) I guess it could also be cheaper online sometimes than in the store.

Happy Shopping!!!

Aritzia Now Ships! Shopping Online!

It really puzzles me when in this day and age stores don't have online shopping! For example in Canada H&M, Zara and for the longest time Aritzia didn't offer online shopping. I figure if a huge store like The Bay or Forever 21 can catalogue all their merchandise all these other stores should be able to as well.

Aritzia has caught up and now offers shopping online! This is great for anyone who hates battling through the seemingly always busy stores or curses their way up and down the skinny isles with their baby stroller, bumping every display on the way...only to have the cloth like fitting room "door" ripped open while you are naked by your 2 year old. Now I get that the layout, marketing, etc. of this store really isn't geared to us 30+ chics but hey we like to look good too!

Shipping is only $8 or $12 for overnight! Also returns can be done in store, definite bonus!

Anyways, now no matter your age or schedule you can shop in the comfort of your TNA pants from home! Shop away ladies!