Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tamarine Resturant

It is seldom my husband and I go out for dinner. Between the kids bedtimes, his soccer games & practice, work and what ever else is going on, months go by and we haven't gone out to dine. I really don't mind at all, but occasionally it is nice to try something different.

The kids and us where invited out for a party the other evening at the Tamerine Restaurant, here in London. It was my first time being there (no shocker there) and I quite enjoyed it. The decor is was stylish and full of clean lines, making it fresh looking. It was clean, a definate must in my book. The staff is super friendly, kind and very efficient. We had a 3 year old and 9 month old in tow and not once did they make a face or roll their eyes at them. (We were there for about 3 1/2 hours. My son sat still  for about 4 of those minutes.)

Now for the food! I had the Spicy Lemongrass Chicken and hubby had Pad Thai. My dish was spicy without being uncomfortably hot. The mushrooms and chicken were cooked to perfection and the noodles were not over or under done. The Pad Thai was the best I have ever had! I always add Hoisen sauce and had no desire to with this particular one because the spices were perfect!

We will go back and I recommend you checking it out too!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shorts... Or Lack Thereof

I am in desperate need of some summer shorts. None of my shorts fit great, but that doesn't mean much since I find shorts to be ill fitting in general. They seem to have bigger hips then pants do, or they have odd pockets. Mine are all sliding off and I think they look a tad 'momish'.

I have been shopping but all the ones I see are either long (those I have and are satisfied with) or so short that I couldn't bend over in the playground without exposing my 'girl bits' (as my son calls them). So the search continues.

If anyone knows of some cute, well fitting mid - short (but not obscene) shorts send me a comment!

Blogging Not Forsaken . . .

No I haven't forsaken my blogging! We recently had a flood in our basement that has caused a total gutting of the carpet and some bulkheads. Since the water came from the fridge (the line that carries water to the ice maker got a  hole in it) they also removed a large section of tiles under our fridge.

Needless to say I have my large fridge sitting in the middle of my cooking area, making my cooking more of a chore compared to the usual joy I get from it. This is the week I am getting back into the blogging, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's Rocking Body & Mandy Ingber Yogalosophy

No one can deny that Jennifer Aniston has an amazing body for any age, let alone someone over 40. There are 20 year olds that would kill for her body! There is no doubt that she works out hard and watches what she eats. She attributes her body to cardio and yoga. Upon winning a "Decade of Hotness" award at a recent awards show, Mandy Ingber, her yoga teacher was personally thanked by Jennifer. That says a lot.

Now you can have a shot at a body like hers! Mandy has a video entitled Yogalosophy. It contains two 30 minute routines and one 55 minute one as well. This workout is supposed to bring about the usual perks of yoga, connecting mind, body and emotions with the bonus of toning! I have this video and have just started doing it again. It gives you a chance to do yoga poses that lead into weight bearing exercises. For example you do a downward dog and finish it with a series of lunges. The perfect combo of stretching and strengthening.

Jennifer Aniston does and introduction on the video and Mandy herself is great. She makes cheeky little comments and the editing is done in a way that makes you feel like you are working out with a girlfriend instead of a perfectly cut and edited, unrealistic instructorr. The video is available on Mandy's website.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things Kids Say

I am terrible for laughing when trying to scold my oldest son. He is almost three and the reasoning behind what he does is out there, to say the least. It is his uncandid answers and honesty that bring much needed comedic relief ecspecially when he has done something that makes me want to cry (or scream). Case in point . . .

This evening when I put my son to bed he laid down and stayed up in the room being unusually quiet. Every other night since he could talk he calls us, gets out of bed to come and ask a question or discuss a 'pressing issue'. So after about 20 minutes of silence an alarm is going off in my head, "What is he doing so quietly. I know he just didn't lay down and sleep". I decide to head upstairs to check on him and as I turn the corner there he is, covered in sunscreen. It is on the walls, his feet and pj's. I head up into the bedroom and there on my dark wood floor is a pile of sunscreen that has been smeared like finger paint and a trail leading away from it. As I put my hand on the bed to lean into investigate further I am met with a big glob of wet sunscreen oozing between my fingers.

 At first I am mad. Waterproof sunscreen all over the floor, in the grooves of the hardwood, the walls, the carpet on the stairs. . . did I mention it is waterproof? I gave him a time out and then go into confront him. . .
Me "Didn't you know what you where doing was wrong?"
Him  "Yup but I kept squirting and squirting?" (Insert my giggling here but trying to look stern)
Me "But why would you do that when you know you shouldn't?"
Him "Because I squirted it on the bed. . . and the floor. . . and on my hands. I squirted it everywhere!"
At this point I am crying laughing! How do you punish this line of reasoning? It is everywhere but totally how children think.

Needless to say I am sure this won't be the end of the sunscreen messes!