Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's Rocking Body & Mandy Ingber Yogalosophy

No one can deny that Jennifer Aniston has an amazing body for any age, let alone someone over 40. There are 20 year olds that would kill for her body! There is no doubt that she works out hard and watches what she eats. She attributes her body to cardio and yoga. Upon winning a "Decade of Hotness" award at a recent awards show, Mandy Ingber, her yoga teacher was personally thanked by Jennifer. That says a lot.

Now you can have a shot at a body like hers! Mandy has a video entitled Yogalosophy. It contains two 30 minute routines and one 55 minute one as well. This workout is supposed to bring about the usual perks of yoga, connecting mind, body and emotions with the bonus of toning! I have this video and have just started doing it again. It gives you a chance to do yoga poses that lead into weight bearing exercises. For example you do a downward dog and finish it with a series of lunges. The perfect combo of stretching and strengthening.

Jennifer Aniston does and introduction on the video and Mandy herself is great. She makes cheeky little comments and the editing is done in a way that makes you feel like you are working out with a girlfriend instead of a perfectly cut and edited, unrealistic instructorr. The video is available on Mandy's website.

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