Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things Kids Say

I am terrible for laughing when trying to scold my oldest son. He is almost three and the reasoning behind what he does is out there, to say the least. It is his uncandid answers and honesty that bring much needed comedic relief ecspecially when he has done something that makes me want to cry (or scream). Case in point . . .

This evening when I put my son to bed he laid down and stayed up in the room being unusually quiet. Every other night since he could talk he calls us, gets out of bed to come and ask a question or discuss a 'pressing issue'. So after about 20 minutes of silence an alarm is going off in my head, "What is he doing so quietly. I know he just didn't lay down and sleep". I decide to head upstairs to check on him and as I turn the corner there he is, covered in sunscreen. It is on the walls, his feet and pj's. I head up into the bedroom and there on my dark wood floor is a pile of sunscreen that has been smeared like finger paint and a trail leading away from it. As I put my hand on the bed to lean into investigate further I am met with a big glob of wet sunscreen oozing between my fingers.

 At first I am mad. Waterproof sunscreen all over the floor, in the grooves of the hardwood, the walls, the carpet on the stairs. . . did I mention it is waterproof? I gave him a time out and then go into confront him. . .
Me "Didn't you know what you where doing was wrong?"
Him  "Yup but I kept squirting and squirting?" (Insert my giggling here but trying to look stern)
Me "But why would you do that when you know you shouldn't?"
Him "Because I squirted it on the bed. . . and the floor. . . and on my hands. I squirted it everywhere!"
At this point I am crying laughing! How do you punish this line of reasoning? It is everywhere but totally how children think.

Needless to say I am sure this won't be the end of the sunscreen messes!

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