Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Today is about the 14th day it has rained in the last month, at least our grass is really green! The days it is sunny and warm the kids and I are out the door in the morning, heading straight to the park. We come home for lunch a nap and then go back out. The spring is amazing for the weather not being so hot that it is hard to enjoy being outside, you can actually stay outside for hours.

After being inside all winter the indoor activities are getting a little sparse. Here are a few ideas for some new ones;

* Painting vases for all the spring flowers (that this rain is going to make grow)
* Making vases out of plastic pop bottles
* Painting bird houses for the return of the birds
* Making cookies in spring inspired shapes
* Fashion show with summer clothes (this is really just trying on last year's clothes to see what fits, but they will never know)
* If it is a warm rain consider going out in it! How much fun was it when you were little running through puddles as the rain came down!

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