Monday, May 23, 2011

Aden and Anais Baby Blankets

If you have had a baby or are expecting one you soon realize how many receiving style blankets you accumulate. We probably have close to 25 around here. Now receiving blankets do have their place, they are warm, perfectly sized for a newborn and can take a lot of washings, but I prefer Muslin cloth blankets. Aden and Anais brand to be specific. Consider getting a few of these for yourself or for a great shower/baby gift.

I absolutely adore these blankets! They are lightweight and breathable. In fact if they were to be over your child's face they would still be able to breath, which is comforting. This makes them perfect for nursing. I found when I covered my son with the traditional receiving blankets to nurse he would get really hot, almost sweaty under the blanket, that doesn't happen with these. In the summer since they are light weight they can be still be used to block the wind without over heating baby. They are also large in size. I can use mine to tie my son to me. Although it isn't sturdy like a Baby Bjorn or a actual swaddler is, if I just want to take some of his weight off my arms by placing him against my stomach and tying it around my shoulders and back I give my biceps a break. I can't totally let him go but my body is carrying most of the weight and my arms are there for security. The patterns are super cute. I frequently get asked if the blanket(s) are a scarf because they are so much more stylish the traditional blankets.

I purchased mine at Cheeky Monkey. I purchased the Paparazzi-Black & White ones! I totally love them. They are a must have for any moms and moms to be out there!

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