Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jessica Simpson Jean Review

I recently purchased a pair of Jessica Simpson jeans. I am not really big on celebrity brands and don't go out of my way to purchase them. I was walking through The Bay the other week and saw some cute jeans on a rack under a 50% off sign. Worth a peek!

The jeans were Jessica Simpson jeans and were already marked down. I bought a pair for $38.99 with 50% off so $19! These jeans were originally $68.99. I took them home not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. First of all they fit true to size, always handy when you don't want to try jeans on with your two babies trailing behind you. They fit slightly higher in the back than the front which is great. . . no more plumber crack or muffin top. What more could a woman want? Well this. . .

I threw these jeans on with a cardigan and striped shirt and off I went to do my daily errands. At the 'school' drop off I got "you look so stylish", "you look great" and "wow you are smaller then the before the baby". Then I stopped off to visit my husband and I got "have you lost more weight", "I hope I look like you after two kids" and a "you are getting too thin"! Music to a woman's ears, especially 6 months out from having a baby! The best part was no one was like "I like your jeans they look good", they just thought I looked good in general. That is always nice to hear at 9 a.m. after getting 4 hours sleep, being thrown up on, changing 3 dirty diapers, cleaning up 1 glass of milk (off the carpet), feeding 2 kids, packing 1 lunch, bathing 2 kids and myself and getting to 'school' on time all in 3 hours!

I would recommend giving the Jessica Simpson jean line a try.

I have several pair of jeans from Jessica's line now and after almost a year of washing them they still fit great and have retained their shape and colour well. I really like the coloured jeans and have some crazy 'upholstry' patterned ones that I can't get enough of!

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