Friday, April 22, 2011

Becoming A Mom

When you become a mom you are excited but also filled with fears about the crazy thing you hear will happen to your body. Here is a quick run down of things to expect, prevent and deal with from a normal, non-celebrity mom.

You will gain weight. How much is determined by your eating habits, your genes and your pre baby weight. Some women pig out and hardly gain anything, others eat salads and gain 60 pounds. Everything you eat goes directly to your baby and you can always loose the weight after so eat healthy and eat lots! Post baby try to work out and breastfeed if you can (it burns 500 calories a day).

You may break out. No big deal your hormones will adjust and your skin will start to glow. Drink lots of water. Some acne medicines aren't safe for pregnant women so check out any warnings on the bottle prior to use.

Pregnancy Mask! This is not a cool treatment you get at a spa! This is dark spots that appear on your face. From small patches to your whole face, this darkening can be somewhat prevented with generous applications of sunscreen before going out in the sun. I got dark spots on my cheekbones and by forehead. The ones one my cheeks are totally gone and the one on my forehead isn't noticeable now. I used BioCella Malarrest A Skin Lightener. Sounds dramatic but it is a gel like cream you put on after you wash your face before you moisturize. No burning or redness, just results. 

Your big As or small Bs will become Ds! Don't go throwing your old bras out yet. . . it won't last. Once you have the baby (or are done breastfeeding) they will go back to your Bs. Since they are shrinking and growing put cream on your chest and breasts, they are going through alot. I like Mama Mio Boob Lube.

Stretch marks are the gift that keeps on giving! They will get lighter in time but once you have them they are for good. I was fortunate not to get any with either pregnancy but I swore by my Kiehl's Argan oil and my Mama Mio Stretch Mark Rub Oil and Cream. I used the Kiehl's from beginning to end of my pregnancy on my stomach 2x a day! I highly recommend this, top it off with a lotion for extra moisturizing and staying power!

Enjoy this time and trust me anything that your body goes through is so worth it the second you hold your new baby!

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