Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Party Season

With spring comes engagements, showers, weddings, house warmings. . . you name it once April hits they are all on full swing until the fall. If you have a friend experiencing any of the above, they are on top of the world and are probably ready to party. If you are looking do something a little different for them here are some ideas that are a little out of the box but fun. . .because really how can you let loose at a shower with Aunt Ethel staring at you over the new gravy boat?? These ideas would be great for co-ed parties not just female only gatherings.

Stock-the-bar Party - Starting a bar at home can be quite pricey when you have absolutely nothing to begin with. Have all guests bring one bottle of alochol. No need to put into a gift bag, supply labels at the 'gift bottle table'. To make it more interesting tell guests that they cannot bring vodka, rum or rye. (People tend to buy these since they are safe, for a full rounded bar you need a bit of everything)

Pantry-Party - (okay this one may be a tad girly) Alot of people aren't big on cooking these days or even know where to begin. Let's face it lots of recipes look good but when you actually make them they turn out to be a mushy/soupy/lumpy/salty etc. basically a waste of time. Have guests bring a recipe that they love, as well as one inpersishable ingredient. You could even suggest including a tool to make/serve the recipe as well. Like a cookie scoop for cookies, rectangular platter for steamed asparagus, garlic press for garlic green beans, etc. Ask guests to print the recipe them on a specific size of paper or even better include a recipe card in the invite (paper if sent by mail or a link to a card if sending an e-vite), this will save the guest of honour from having to reprint the recipes to a uniform size.

Garden Party - No one realizes all the tools that are needed to have around the garage for even regular maintenance, let alone the expense involved. Think snow shovel, digging shovel, hand held weed remover, patio fire urn, solar powered garden lights, entrance way pots, fertilizer spreader, etc. May be not the most exciting party but defiantly things people need.

Tool Box Party - Everyone brings a tool and a list of its uses. Most people moving out of their parents home or out of an apartment don't have their own tools. When you have a leaky toilet, have to hang a picture or need to touch up the paint on the banister you realize you need a tool box. Going to a hardware store can be a little overwhelming, this way the person is getting things a that are useful.

Honeymoon Party - All the fixins for a great honeymoon. Sunscreen, travel sized bath & hair products, beach bag, gift card for getting photos processed, (maybe even a few people going together to get a new camera for the couple), some adult games, lingerie, cute hats, travel games, etc.

Paint Party - If the person that you are having the party for is moving or has decided that with the new union they want to change their house decor, you and a bunch of friends could surprise them by showing up with paint tools and helping them to paint their house. Even bring the tools to hang pictures when the painting is done. Throw in some yummy apps and some cocktails and you'll have a party!

No punch bowls at these parties!

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