Thursday, April 14, 2011


Quite often when my son is upset over something that has broken to cheer him up after I fix it I say "Ta-Da". My son has picked up on this and started doing it. Picture a 2 year old yelling "Ta-Da as he stretches his arms out over what ever he is 'Ta-Da'-ing like Vana White.  Sometimes it is a good 'Ta-Da'. . . sometimes not so good!

"Mom, mom come here!" I enter the kitchen, see half a conatainer of milk on the floor. "Ta-Da" he screams . . . not a good 'Ta-Da'.

My son cleans up his crayons that are scattered everywhere. "Ta-Da". . . good 'Ta-Da'.

He stands on the edge of the tub and pees into the bath I have just drawn for his brother "Ta-Da" . . . not so good.

He stands on his dirty diaper on the 'filling' squirts out, he yells "Ta-Da". . . easy Vana White that wasn't a good 'Ta-Da'.

He brings me my cell phone when it is ringing "Ta-Da". . . sweet 'Ta-Da'.

He whips off his pants and diaper and runs around the house naked right before we are heading out the door "Ta-Da" he yells as he streaks me. . .funny 'Ta-Da'.

More often then not it isn't a good "Ta-Da' but let me tell you it is so funny I think he now uses it to get a laugh instead of getting into trouble. I am sure he thinks 'I am going to get into trouble so I will make her laugh'. He proceeds to make me laugh then he thinks 'Ta-Da I just got my self out of trouble'. Well played my love!

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