Thursday, March 17, 2011

You Know You Are Mom When . . .

You know you are a mom when you are shopping and find something you like but put it back so your son can have something he wants!

Today the boys and I were out getting some groceries at our local supermarket, which happens to sell clothing as well. Now I am not a huge fan of 'grocery clothes' myself but I have purchased the odd t-shirt there.Today I found a regular striped t-shirt to pass the time until I found the perfect one. (I have been trying to find a striped t shirt that is casual but with a twist, simular to the ones below.) On the way to checkout our groceries my son spots a Thomas the Train that he doesn't yet own and of course wants. I am banned from buying him more trains as he has about 25 or so.

He has not been feeling well and has been pretty good about it (code for not being overly whiny). He has been asking for this train for a while so I decided to put back the shirt I wanted to buy him the forbidden merchandise. I figure putting mine back balances out his purchase in the end, and since the money was going to be spent on the shirt anyways the ban should be lifted!

I am writing about it now, not because I resent him for getting what he wanted, but quite the opposite. I didn't mind at all forgoing my purchase for his happiness. It is amazing how life changes from one year to the next!

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