Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Love My. . .

I love my Revitalash eyelash conditioner. As a woman who's only must have make up is mascara, lashes are obviously very important to me. I am always seeking an amazing mascara but in the end I go back to the same few. They deliver as promised every time. This mascara obsession isn't cheap (I'll get to that another time) so I thought I would try the eyelash conditioner in hopes of thicker, more lush lashes that need less mascara.

Revitalash was created by a doctor for his wife after she had chemotherapy. After seeing amazing results they decided to manufacture it for the public. This clear product goes on like a liquid liner along the lash line every night on a cleansed eye area. After 6 weeks (which is your lashes natural cycle) you should see a difference . . . thicker, darker, longer lashes.

I have been using mine now for 2 months now and am amazed by how long my lashes are! I had a section of lashes on my left eye that never grew back after I awoke one morning to find they had mysteriously disappeared. My lashes are way longer and more lush! Since I love the look of tons of lashes I still wouldn't go without mascara. Some people have given up mascara after using the product, but now I need 2 coats of mascara instead of 3 or 4. I have tried a few different serums for lashes and this is the only one that has worked! If you love lashes give it a try! Money well spent!

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