Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leggings Are NOT Pants

I have a bone to pick with legging wearers! There are two types of legging wearers. I am not talking to you legging wearers who wear them with a nice tunic, dress so short your bum would show if you bent over or a long shirt . . . please legging away! I too wear leggings, in fact I am wearing them right now with a long shirt/short jacket.

I am talking to those who wear them as pants! If your shirt is up to your waist, is tucked into your "pants" or your mid drift is showing and you are still sporting leggings please don't. You aren't doing anyone a service especially yourself. Unless you are blessed to look like a Victoria's Secret Model (in fact I have never even seen a VS model wearing leggings as pants) then chances are the look is a little too Peg Bundy! Check out Net-A-Porter for chic ways to wear leggings. The only pair they have with a shirt tucked in are $990, yes you read that right, nine hundred and ninety dollars! I am sure for that kind of money you are not getting anything sheer or flimsy.

Look into jeggings! These hug your curves and give the skin tight appeal that men love but with out the sheerness of a legging.  There is nothing worse then when you bend over and your leggings go see-through, or are being pulled so tight they become shiny. They are basically thick nylons, and no one would rock those with a short shirt!

Just sayin'!

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