Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday Night!

As I sit here on a Saturday night going between nursing and surfing the web for nothing in particular I wonder what I did with my time prior to having kids. After the wild 'messy' Saturday nights passed and I settled down I really don't recall what my (or 'our' once my husband and I married) Saturday nights consisted of! Half the time one of us falls asleep, leaving the other to sit and watch a movie. Usually it is the person who "really wants to see this movie" who falls asleep, leaving the "fine you pick" person watching a movie they were not keen on in the beginning.

That is actually how it works with kids movies as well! Last week my son ditched my husband and I after 10 minutes of Marmaduke but we continued to watch it until the end, yes we are geeks. Later I overheard my husband telling one of his single friends to watch it. I was thinking in my head you just recommended a child's talking dog movie to a guy who still chases girls wearing tops as dresses. I am sure he was going to rush out and get Marmaduke as soon as their call ended.

Well I guess it is time for me to check out! Let me know what you did Saturday night!

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