Monday, March 14, 2011

Things My Son Says

With a toddler there is always something new they are coming up with. In an ongoing post this is a few highlights from the past few days. . .

After getting dressed I asked my son "How does mommy look?". I was not really expecting an answer let alone an opinion, but this is what answer I received, "You should wear a black shirt to match, this (pointing to my black cardigan) and these (pointing to my black jeans). That would look good". He smiled and walked off. Fashionista?

"I don't have boobies I have nipples". Where the heck did he come up with that.

"When I get married I want to be messy like Daddy." Good lord, I pity his wife-to-be.

"I probably will get snow in my shoes so I actually should wear boots." Probably? Actually? You are 2 1/2, who uses these words?

"Mom, will you hold me?" When he wants to be hugged.

"If I eat all my lunch I can have this cookie." He says this pointing to a cookie he has helped himself to and knows he isn't supposed to have. He has learned the art of negation.

He sleeps with some of his Thomas and Friends train engines every night. Two nights ago as he was fidgeting around when he was supposed to going to bed, he says "If James doesn't go to sleep I am going to take his buffers away and put them where he can't reach them." Do you think he has heard a similar threat before?

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