Monday, March 7, 2011

New Shoes!

So I went to the local department store today to get my Black Pearl nail polish and on my way to the Chanel counter I passed the shoe department. As I do have quite a few pairs of shoes, and my husband has told me to rein in the shoe purchasing I tried to avoid making eye contact with the shoes, so they couldn't call to me. You know the voice "it's me the heels that you have been looking all over for, you know the ones you saw in Vogue and liked". As I was strolling by out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign '50% off lowest ticked price'!!! Dum, dum, dum . . . I was loured in!

In a trance I quickly went to the size 7 section to check out what was there. I tried to grab up all the ones that I was interested in before anyone else noticed these ridiculously priced shoes. Like honestly how are these people walking by with Ralph Lauren shoes going for $32? Nine West for $30? Anne Kline for $28? Clearly I was the only one with a shoe fetish in this store!

Now I have a process for shoe shopping. . . after checking out the size 7s (my actual size) I scan the 6 1/2s and the 7 1/2, may be even the 8s occasionally. Hey you never know! Some fit big and there are always insoles for those too big shoes! So anyways I didn't have much luck with the 'bonus' sizes except for one pair of Nine West shoes. Below are the two I purchased, both still selling online at full price!

The first are dark Charcoal and Patent Black. Usually they retail for $130CDN and I got them for $29.99! They will be perfect with the new pair of tweed paints I got with the low waisted pleats. Similar to these ones.

Nine West Almund 2, Platform Heel

The second pair I purchased are Cheetah print pony haired ballet flats. Regularly $89CDN I got them for $34.99. These are perfect for taking the kids to the park or grocery shopping.

Lauren Ralph Lauren, Evelia Flats
And yes I did get my nail polish as well!

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