Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have a confession. . . I am an addict! It isn't cigarettes or alcohol that holds this power over me. I am not a devotee to any hard core drugs and I am not hooked on the 'green' stuff  (or even tried either for that matter). I am dominated by something different all together. A chemical!

It is bleach! It is this powerful liquid that has this capability to make me turn into a cleaning machine! I bleach everything! The bathrooms 3+ times a week, a bit in the water when I wash the floor nightly, a capful in the washing machine, socks soaked in it, a little bit in the dishwasher, I even put a few drops in my bottle of dish washing liquid that sits beside my sink!

What is it about bleach you ask? I love how clean it makes everything feel and even the smell. I wish there was a safe way to have a cleaner with that same smell. I would even put it in air fresheners! That way when people come to visit they would realize that under the piles of toys everywhere was an extremely clean floor, that I spend hours maintaining. You really know something is up to par when you walk in and you smell that bleach smell. Yes I am insane! My husband knew I was the one for him from the clean aspect due to my bleaching! While dating he noticed that in my town home the area of paint on the wall right above the baseboards was faded compared to the rest of the wall. Upon questioning me I sheepishly replied that I bleach my baseboards and some had gotten on the wall. He thought I was nuts, but a clean nuts!

With all this said I am trying to slow down on using it. According to Dr. Oz something in it makes you age faster, the last thing a lady needs! Wish me luck!

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