Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Love My . . .

I love my Mario Batali Garlic Slicer! Around here we go through quite a bit of fresh garlic, I would say 2-3 garlic heads a week. I put it in our homemade salad dressing, on broccoli, green beans, pretty much anything to be honest with you. This grater is ideal for anyone who likes fresh garlic, but hates the clean up of a traditional press!

This hand held grater is duel sided. Side one has a fine grate and side two is a slicer. I love using sliced garlic to garnish steamed veggies. The handle is covered in a rubber/silicone like material, as is the end. This non-slip end is ideal for grating over a bowl or on an angle over a dish. According the the Mario Batali website "Slicing garlic instead of pressing allows for the full flavor and essence to come through."

Clean up is a breeze as the grater is comprised of three parts; the metal grater, the 'knob' that pushes the garlic down and the piece that slides along the grater or slicer. They all come apart and the garlic rinses right off. No more having to fish the little garlic pieces out of the mesh garlic press! This is defiantly a staple for anyone who cooks regularly! Check out the delicious green beans and garlic I made this evening here!

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