Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick Beauty Tips

If you are like me you probably feel there are never enough hours in the day. Between making meals, spending time with kids/spouse/friends and chores there isn't much time for yourself and personal beauty routines. I have come up with some simple and realistic tips to help you look and feel your best!

Hair Style
Choose a hair style that suits your hair type, texture as well as one that works with the length of time you can put towards it daily. I have super short hair, think Halle Barry, this hair style is super easy but it must be done every day or it looks un-kept and unintentionally messy. I need to wash it and restyle it daily. Since it only takes 10 minutes total it is pretty quick and easy. If you have longer hair consider washing it in the evening pulling it back in a low ponytail by your neck and twisting it in a bun. In the morning let out the bun and you will have a nice wave to your hair, think Gisele Bundchen. This requires no time at all. A ponytail is always a quick way to wear your hair, especially on days when you don't have time to wash it. Wear one with a slight poof in the front for a chic look, this look will also hide any slight greasiness that a tight ponytail highlights. When blow drying your hair straight don't start the actual styling until your hair is 80% dry, this saves a lot of time. Your hair won't be effected by your efforts until that point anyways!

Hair Colour
If you have time to go to the salon regularly then you can pretty do what ever you want, but if time or finances are a concern a little more thought has to go into finding the perfect colour. One of the fastest ways to look frumpy is having 2 inches of roots hanging out. Consider going natural or something closer to your natural colour. If that seems too boring or you are concerned about greys you could get low lights or highlights. These hide roots better then a flat all over colour but generally need to be done in a salon for the best results.

Nail Care
I have time to paint my nails but generally ruin them in the drying phase or chip them within 2 days. If you don't have a lot of time for nail care stick with short nails. By keeping them filed short and all the same length even without polish they look well maintained. When painting them choose a colour that is light, this will hide chips well. If you prefer always having polished nails you could get acrylic nails, which require a fill in the salon every 3-4 weeks depending on how fast your nail grows. If you don't have time for the upkeep don't get these. Broken or gel/acrylic nails that have grown half way up your own nail beds look terrible. Getting a manicure with a product like CDN Shellac gives you 7-14 day chip free manicure. This is done in the salon and takes the same length of time as a normal polish change would. It takes approximately 10 minutes to have removed. Even if you don't remember to put cream on your hands every time you wash them, make sure to put a good cream on at night as well as a cuticle oil like Solar Oil, or even olive oil! File the bottom of your feet every day in the shower to save from a big build up and remember to put moisturizer on like you would for every other part of your body. Feet take a lot of punishment, they carry our body weight all day everyday, wear ill fitting shoes and high heels!

Skin Care
"Take off your face make up every night and drink lots of water" are two tips that I hear time and time again. There is a reason for this. . . they are simple but make a huge difference with how your skin looks. I am bad for leaving my eye make up on. I now leave my eye make up remover in the family room, so while I am watching tv I can quickly take of my make up. For the morning make your face care steps easy, cleanse, moisturize and protect with a sunscreen. For evening a little more time spent on your routine can help out in the a.m.. Cleanse, exfoliate (2-4 times a week), apply a serum (this helps the moisturizer do its thing. Some help strictly with moister, some help with wrinkles, some with dark spots, etc.. Ask your beautician which is best for you) follow this with an eye cream and moisturizer. If you are like me and love lush lashes apply a lash serum like Revitalash to your lash line. And volia a simple skin care routine for great skin!

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