Monday, June 11, 2012

Review of Southern Charm a Novel By Tinsley Mortimer

I am sure that anyone who reads any fashion blogs, has seen the show High Society, reads Page Six, or is a regular viewer of Gossip Girl is familiar with who Tinsley Mortimer is. If you are not familiar with this always camera ready socialite you can check out her personal blog here. Tinsley has just written and published her first novel titled 'Southern Charm'.

I couldn't resist purchasing this book as I admire Tinsley. In an age where flashing underwear, going out in sweat pants and general dishevelness is widely accepted, I find it refreshing to see someone always dressed up, make up and hair done and acting like a lady. The list of females acting like a lady is rapidly being replaced with probation stints and DUIs.

Hardcover and eReader avaliable
The book was an easy read, but enjoyable. The main character (based loosely on Tinsley) remained positive throughout the novel despite various challenges, without coming across cheesy or ditsy. The novel was descriptive without being too wordy and was hard to put down. I rooted for the main character and was happy I had read the book. I hope that Tinsley pens another book soon!

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