Sunday, June 10, 2012

Toothbrush Clutter

If your family is anything like mine everyone likes to have their toothbrushes where they don't have to go searching for them...with men that searching translates to having to open a drawer.

When my husband I initially got married we both had disposable toothbrushes that I could through in a cup under the counter and we were set. They were accessible and tidy. Fast forward 5 years and there are now 4 toothbrushes all electronic, meaning more bulk, more space invading and a general mess in the morning.

In effort to keep our counter top void of clutter I found an easy way to keep our toothbrushes tidy and clean. Easy and fairly obvious I took a regular glass vase and placed them inside. The result was a clean looking, contained spot for something we need to have at our finger tips several times a day. A few times a week I give it a quick rinse prior to hopping in the shower, flip it over to dry and by the time I get out it is dry. Easy and kind of 'arty'!

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