Friday, July 8, 2011

A Memorable Trip to the Doctor's Office

Today I went in for a physical. Nothing exciting there. I really wasn't thinking of all the... shall we say 'intricate details' of a medical. If I had I probably wouldn't have brought company in the form of a 3 year old. Yes the baby was there as well, but at 10 months he really could care less about what is going on. To really get a laugh you have to picture yourself in my shoes or I guess without shoes in this case.

As soon as we entered the room and the nurse pulled out the paper gown I froze in my tracks. How could I have been so foolish as to forget the medical attire or lack there of. So as I start to disrobe my 3 year old starts yelling "NO MOM! No No your girl bits! No one can see your girl bits".  I explained to him that the doctor was just going to check my scar (I had a C-section with my second child) and when the doctor came in he could watch a movie on his portable DVD player. (Luckily this was in the car and when I realized what was about to go down went and got it. Better he watch a Thomas movie then a 'horror' show live!)  He was content with that answer and went back to playing.

The doctor came in, greeted us and sat down. My son giggled grabbed my bra from under the stroller, wound up and pitched it at my doctor's head. It hit him right square in the forehead then fell onto his lap. My doctor rocks. He simply made a joke that he "never has had that thrown at his office anyways" and then went back to the check up. I on the other hand could not stop laughing.

The rest of the check up went smoothly as both boys settled in to watch the Thomas movie. With the exception of low blood pressure I got out of there with a clean bill of health and only a shred of my dignity stripped away.

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