Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot Yoga

About 5 years ago I tried hot yoga maybe 3 times. I really liked it but at the time the class schedule was not conducive to my work schedule so I did not continue to do it. I did enjoy it and found that the extra heat did make a difference in my flexibility. I also feel like I get a more strenuous workout, although this could be an illusion. It is hard not to think you are working harder then regular yoga when you are sweating up a storm. Never the less I think it does offer a greater cardio workout then traditional yoga.

If you are not familiar with hot yoga, it is yoga done in a room that is kept between 95-110 degrees. Around here they are generally not hotter then 100. The warmth is said to increase flexibility as well as release toxins from the body. Of course it also provides all the other goodies yoga does; de-stress, improve energy, help posture, increase flexibility, etc.

I recently have joined Yoga Shack for their 40 day trial period. I am loving it! The instructors are helpful and friendly. The facilities are clean and have lots of character. There is free parking near by. They have on average 55 classes per week, so there is bound to be a few that work for you. After I have taken a few more classes I will report more.

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