Thursday, July 14, 2011

House Cleaning Tip #1

You dust your house, you vacuum, mop and Windex. Standing at 5'7" the house looks spotless. Then you sit down with your child to play and notice a whole other world of dust!

I know as a mother when you sit down you have a different view of furniture and can see all sorts of things that you don't when you are standing to clean. If you have kids or even if you don't but have friends with kids chances are they will all be sitting on your floor to play next time they are over. Take a minute when you are cleaning to sit down and have a look around. Is there cobwebs between the chair legs? Do your chair legs have splatters of some sort on them? Is there dust on your baseboards? Is there dust balls under your couch? You get the idea.

I know this sounds random but it is only when company is over do you notice all these random things that you feel the need to attend to immediately. It can make the difference of your house looking spot clean or truly clean!

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