Sunday, July 17, 2011

House Cleaning Tip #2

Cleaning out the fridge is not fun. It is usually time consuming and sometimes gross. I used to stay on top of mine by cleaning it out thoroughly bi-weekly, but have found the following much easier.

I usually go grocery shopping twice a week. The fridge is usually getting a little sparse prior to purchasing the new groceries. This is the ideal time to give it a quick wipe down. Before I leave the house (either the night before or in the morning) I wipe out whatever drawers or shelves are pretty empty. Then by the time I get home they are dry and can have the new stuff put right in/on. If you aren't someone who plans your shopping, anytime that your drawer/shelf is semi empty swish the stuff around and give it a wipe.

They key here is that you don't have to empty the whole fridge and do it in one shot. Doing at a section at a time gives the same clean results . . .Going to get milk, wipe down the shelf where the existing milk is. Getting some fruit wipe out the fruit drawer. If you clean one area at a time, it will never be a major undertaking and will never get dirty either!

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