Thursday, June 21, 2012

Year End Teacher Gifts

If you are like I am, I like to get the teacher(s) who have put up with...I mean...have had the pleasure of teaching my child a little gift. It doesn't have to be something extravagant, just something to show your appreciation. I have 'teacher friends' who say that even a card expressing your gratitude is a great sentiment.

I have composed a small list of gift ideas;
  • bottle of wine
  • candle
  • chocolates
  • gift card (Starbucks, or a general mall gift card are suggestions)
  • potted plant
  • flowers
  • BBQ or entertaining cook book (with summer corresponding with school being let out this one could come in handy)
  • a craft your child has made for the teacher
  • tea or coffee set
  • summer weight scarf
This year we went with the last one. (Sorry if any of my son's teachers read this before they receive their gift.) I took my son, who is almost 4, to the store to purchase the gifts. There was about 20 to choose from, he studied them for a few minutes then selected one for each teacher. The funny thing is each was totally different from the last, so he must have really thought what he pictured each teacher wearing. Usually he tends to pick the same things over and over for himself. It was sweet to see!

Happy shopping and enjoy the summer with your little ones!

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